September 6, 2011

Another Book Review! Happy Birthday to Me!

Yippee! I got another book review! And on my birthday too! Happy B-Day to me! :)

I think this is just a life lesson: The sun is warm, the grass is green, and Larissa sucks at grammar!

*bangs head against counter*

Anyway, just a heads up, it's a good review, but I think it's time to throw in the white flag and call in back up for my bad grammar addiction, lol!

If anyone knows of a great editor with special zapper killer skills in grammar, then please shoot me a comment! Please! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! And congrats on the review, I'm gonna have to read up on Iwishacana/Acanawishi as it sounds interesting. =)

  2. Thanks S.J. Wist! :) I couldn't celebrate my birthday yesterday, since I had my first day of classes as a grad student! But I will def be celebrating this weekend since I don't have to work this weekend! Yippee! :) Might have to go shopping, lol.

    Thanks for the positive outlook on the review and thinking about reading my novel. I'm still a bit scared to see what other reviewers have to say since if she found grammar errors in it, then I'm sure other reviewers will find it too. *biting toenails*

  3. Congrats on the book review! Love the cover for that. Looks mysterious. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. Who knows, even if I didn't like the book, it might be totally different for you. Different strokes for different folks. lol.

    Happy Reading :)

    Livin' Life Through Books

  4. Thanks Felicia! I'm glad you stopped by and gave me some compliments. That always makes me happy, lol. :) Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!