August 30, 2011

Write a Post Help a Dog Campaign 2011

You know that I may be sarcastic from time to time, but when a serious topic arises, I take a stand. Today is that day.

Today I am posting to save/help dogs! Here's more info and how you can help save a dog too:

August 25, 2011

Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch by L.A. Jones


Unknown to the humans who hung innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials real witches of the hidden race were killed for fear of exposure or at least that's what all the vampires, werewolves, and other races thought.There was not one witch whom survived the genocide of the Salem Witch Trials. But one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, MA and all that changes.

August 22, 2011

Self Publishing Experiences

Now that we've got all of those lovely giveaways out of the way . . . Now it's time to dish and gossip!

Now as you know, Everblossom and Iwishacana are now officially published!

Woo hoo!! *throw confetti and dancing monkeys!*

August 14, 2011

Double Jeopardy Giveaway!

*cue the ooohhhs and aaahhhs*

Yes, my friends it's double or nothing for this giveaway. Here's the deal:

I published my novel, Iwishacana/Acanawishi and my short story and poetry anthology: Everblossom on smashwords, lulu, bn, and kindle.


*throws confetti and dances a little jig* I know you guys are giving me the evil glare wondering why I didn't mention it earlier, but I was still fixing quite a few things on all four of those sites. It was pretty crazy. 

Oh, sorry, getting way off topic here. I'll post about my experiences publishing on those four sites later. Back to the giveaway. 

It's pretty simple: You want my eBook? Just put your name, email address, and which book you want and I'll give you the coupon for Smashwords. Easy, simple, done. In exchange for the free book, I would like for you to post a review of it on your blog or on smashwords. That's all I ask.

Now the first hundred followers, yes you have to be a follower, to request my book get the free coupon for the completely free book of mine. 

So let's go over the rules again for clarity:

1. You must be a follower.

2. I would like a review of my book on your blog, if you have one, but if you can't then a review on smashwords would be lovely. 

3. You are only getting ONE of the books above. You cannot request for both Everblossom and Iwishacana/Acanawishi.

So now that's out of the way, here are the blurbs for my books. 

An anthology that will quench your thirst for more than the ordinary.

Everblossom is a journey through poems and short stories that may seem ordinary on the surface but dig a little deeper and the world not only shifts. It changes.

From the author who brought you Iwishacana/Acanawishi, she now brings you a dash of everything from dark fantasy to the paranormal to even romance. So prepare yourself to delve into the three stages of the flower from bud to blossom then back to seed, you'll go through them all with a whole new perspective on what it all truly means.


Where rules are meant to be broken
     Anissa is constantly on the run from the police and can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Secrets are meant to be kept
Until Anissa hides Florence in her bedroom and her mother finds out. There's only one thing left to do: Send her to Juvenile Cop Camp to erase all of her crimes on her record.

And everything is not what it seems
There's only one problem: Anissa is innocent.
Welcome to Iwishacana. 

This giveaway starts August 14 and end August 21! Let the double jeopardy giveaway begin! 

Liebster Award Winner: Me!!


I won another blog award! :)

Thanks for this award G a.k.a Liz Davis!

The Liebster Blog Award (It's great to receive a German Award). Liebster means "favorite" in English and this is meant to be a friendship award.

Cool huh? I've got a friend in G, lol. Now here are the rules:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Enjoy the love.

Well, I think half of the list is done. Now it's time to spread the joy to five other blogs. Hmm, this will be difficult. Let's give this a whirl:

1. Lari Is Writing

2. Do Not Disturb My Books

3. I Am a Reader, Not a Writer

4. Readergirl Reviews a Teen Book

5. Gilbert and Gomez

Congratulations to the winners!

And the Winners of the 2nd Giveaway Challenge are . . .

Drumroll Please!

1st Place Winner: Mara!

2nd Place: My fav best writer friend, Liz Davis!!

3rd Place: Lari Hammond!

Congratulations winners! Check your emails for my notification emails!

*throws confetti and plays cheesy winner music*

But don't click away, I've got one more giveaway under my sleeve and this time, everybody will be a winner. Seriously. Check it out tonight.

August 8, 2011

2nd Giveaway: The Ultimate Newbie Writer Giveaway!!

Hey you guys! Are you feeling lucky?!

Well, are you?

Luckily this giveaway not only can give you the extra edge by being a follower but by being an awesome writer.

How, you ask?

Put simply, Watson: It's just like last time.

A person who isn't a follower gets their name put into the magic hat once.

A person who is a follower gets their name put into the magic hat twice.

But a person who can write an awesome blurb to this book cover:

Gets to be entered for the second time.

This is called leveling the playing field.

A follower, a fellow writer, and a human get three times the chance to win these fabulous prizes:

1st Place:

A lot of authors swear by the Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishing and No More Rejections has had rave reviews. These books not only a wealth of information, but they should give you a chance to break into traditional publishing.

2nd Place:

As everyone knows, writing a query letter is an art form. So a Guide to Query Letters should be a huge step in the right direction then of course, on your quest to publish your book you need who to break into the Big 6 elite circle? An agent! Huzzah! There's the guide to them to!

3rd Place:

This is book is chock full of wealth of information that is key for poets.

If you want to exclusively enter just for this book, then write a poem for the book cover instead of a blurb.

Now, here comes the grand question:

How do I enter?!

That's also simple:

If you want to enter the contest, then just leave a comment with your name and e-mail address from August 8st through August 14th by 1:00pm. And I do mean 1:00pm on the dot. Once I put the cut off comment, anybody who adds comments after will NOT be entered into the giveaway.

Just to be perfectly clear: Anybody who posts a comment on this post AFTER 1:00pm on Sunday August 14th, WILL NOT BE ENTERED into this contest.

Anyway, on the cut off time, I will put all the names and emails into the hat, withdraw the names, and pass along an email and a post that informs the lucky winners of their fabulous prizes.

Best of luck to all of y'all!

Any questions? *looks around and nods* Good.

But don't touch that dial! More giveaways to come on the oh-so-fabulous A Three Way Tie blog!!

*Vanna White perfectly frames title with hands and has the audiences oohing and ahhing*

And let me tell you, the next giveaway is a doosy. :P

August 7, 2011

And the Winners of The Ultimate Vampire Fan Giveaway are . . .

Drumroll please!!

View Image

*drums roll loudly*

And the winners are:

Pink Poodle-1st place

Tonya Dean-2nd place

Patricia-3rd place

Congratulations winners! Your gifts should be mailed shortly. I sent you an email, please send me your shipping address so that I can ship your awards as soon as possible!

On another note: There is another giveaway that will be up in second, so please stick around. More giveaways to come!! *cheesy laughter*

Oh, and thank you all for participating in this giveaway! Best of luck to you in the other giveaways I hoped you participated in!