Book Review Policy

***At this time I am NOT accepting any book for review! I will DELETE ALL SENT BOOK REVIEW REQUESTS until further notice! 
Thanks for understanding!***

What You Should Expect On Your Book Review

I tell the honest truth whether it's good or bad. I try to be blunt honest and nice about it all at the same time, but sometimes I don't come across that way. I try to be nicest as possible without bruising any egos or sales. But if your book isn't up to my standards, I will say so specifically on my blog.

Now if you cannot handle tough criticism then I suggest you look for another book reviewer because I do use tough love. If necessary. If you have never been critiqued before, then I would suggest going to to get a full book critique and get accustomed to hearing other people's view points on your book. It will help you better yourself as a writer and develop tough skin.

However, if you have been critiqued before, want to get the word out about your book and think my blog is an awesome way to do so then please continue reading.

Here's how it works

First off, I read your book and write down notes along the way. This process usually takes about three  months tops. If I do not complete your review within the two months, then send me an email and I will definitely hurry my book review along.

Second, I review over my notes and hand them over to you. Especially if your book has typos that I see. So not only will you be getting a review for free but a critique as well. Win win situation.

Third, I post my review of your book along with any links to your book and your blog (if you have one).

Then finally, I will send you an email informing you that I have posted my review of your book.

It's that simple.

***10% Percent Rule: New Policy Addition***

Let's say you send me your book, and the worst happens: I dislike your book five pages into it. The thing is I think you and your hard work deserves more then five pages of my time. It's one thing if your book is filled with frequent errors, but if I can tell that you've tried your best to write a well-written novel and for some odd reason I take a dislike to it, then I will give you ten percent.

This is how it works, if your book is 300 pages, then I will read up to 30 pages.

Now one of two things can happen:

1. Your book wows me and begs me to give you another chance.

In this situation, I will continue the book and probably give you an overall positive review. If you manage to change my mind about your book, you deserve a great 4 to 5 star review.

2. Your book continues to rub me the wrong way

It is very unfortunate occurrence, but it does happen. Sometimes it's not even your book, it could be the fact that I'm not in love with the genre, characters, or even plot.

So in the chance that this happens, I will write a post about why I didn't finish your book. Since it's not a real "review" of your book, then I probably won't post my reasons for not finishing on Goodreads, Amazon, or anywhere else.

There is the slight chance I will post the post if your book is just horrible as in grammar and spelling wise. If I feel like I should warn the general public about your book, then I will do so.

However, if you really tried to write a fabulous book and it just wasn't my taste, then I will write that.

Anyway, that is my policy. In the end what this policy means is this: I will try my hardest to give your book the best chance possible to get a great and balanced review. 


I accept pdf files and microsoft word document files.

I also accept paperback and hardback, if you have it. :)

Genres That I Accept
  • Young Adult/Teen/Juvenile Fiction- I love to read young adult fiction but I do not accept anything below 6th grade. I especially love fantasy, paranormal and romance. I do accept science fiction on a case by case basis. Other then that, I'm pretty open to any genre under young adult.

  • Historical Fiction- You could practically throw me anything under this category and I would be fine by it. I especially love any history that occurs outside of the United States. What can I say? I love World History. Can't get enough of it.

  • Forensic Science/Murder Mysteries/Cop/Lawyer/Anything like Bones or Law and Order-Anything of the likes of Patricia Cornwell/Kathy Reichs I would love to read. Especially if your main character isn't European American (white) then I would love to read it! No offense to the writers who write from the European American perspective. 

  • Horror/Suspense/Thriller-I tend to lean more on the suspense more then horror side of things. But I would be interested in trying to read horror. Just know that I don't have a lot of experience in reading horror and I haven't touched Stephen King novels (much). I did read R.L. Stine books, but that's not really true horror is it? Well take it or leave it, that's what I've read.

  • Mystery-Ah, I do love a good mystery book. I have plenty of experience in this arena, especially as far as murder mysteries. So please, if you have written a mystery novel, then feel free to send it my way.

  • Romance-I read any subgenre under this category but please be aware: I do not read homosexual romances of any sort. Sorry. I do read though erotica, erotic romance or any subgenre under that too. I especially love, of course, historical romance, contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

  • Comic Books/Graphic Novels/Manga-Yes, yes, yes! I read all three. I have recently started to fall in love with this genre, so if you have written and drawn this type of book please feel free to drop it in my mail box.

  • Humor Books-Love them! If you read my blog, then you already know I absolutely LOVE humor books! Please feel free to send them but be aware: I will rate these books probably extra harshly if they are not funny. Just a heads up. Especially since I love sarcasm. 

  • Christian Fiction-I wouldn't mind reading anything under this genre. Just remember I haven't really explored this genre at all, but I would look forward to actually trying it. 

  • Anthologies-This will be determined by a case by case basis. If it's an erotica anthology, then I will accept it more then likely (unless it contains homosexual relations in that book then I'm afraid it's a no). Anything else is up in the air.
Nonfiction: This will be determined by a case by case basis where I will have to read your proposal and see if I would be interested in reviewing it. I just started getting into this genre so yeah, not much experience in this arena. I can tell you that I especially love biographies (especially if it deals with learning how to cook, family memoirs, any struggling character rising from underdog to champion might be considered), adoption success stories or even unsuccessful stories, how to adopt, True Crime (especially lawyer stuff), Education and Teaching (specifically 6th grade up to college teaching), Home and Garden (especially how to garden or even a list of types of whatevers), and maybe some history books as well (on a case by case basis).

Genres I Do NOT Accept:
  • Picture books or Anything under 12 years of age for the main character-As stated previously, I do no review any books that are suited under the age of 12. I've tried to read them, but I can't get into them. 
  • Literary fiction-I have an extreme prejudice against this genre, so please seek another reviewer. And yes, I get the irony that I'm an English teacher who doesn't want to review literary fiction.
  • LGBTQ-Anything under the categories of: lesbian, gay, questioning, cross-dressing, transgendered, and everything else under this particular lifestyle then I just don't read. It's just not my taste.
  • Adult Science Fiction-I do not read this genre at all. If you have YA science fiction I would consider it, but other then that I'm afraid it's a no.
  • U.S. History Textbooks-I don't like U.S.A. history textbooks for a number of reasons. I won't list you or waste my breath on my lecture about the vagueness and cruelty of American History textbooks, but please be aware that I just don't review or read them. 
  • Science or Math Textbooks-I don't like reading them or studying from them so I wouldn't be the appropriate reviewer for these types of books.
  • Any Erotica with Incest, Bestiality, Necrophilia, and Cheating Spouses-I love erotica, I really do but anything under those categories I cannot read.
  • Anything Anti religious- You guys know I'm religious, so anything attacking my religion (or anyone elses for that matter since everybody has the right to choose which religion to follow) I will not review.
  • Political and Economical books-I don't really follow politics so anything under this category is just a no.

My Genre isn't listed at all?! What do I do?

Well I think there are some things to be considered if your book isn't listed. 

Number one: Just make sure you have listed your book under the right category. I'm not saying your dumb, but there's nothing wrong with double checking genre. 

Number two: If it's poetry, then run it by me but please be aware of the categories I have listed that I do not read. For example, if you talk about questioning your sexuality or about how organized religion sucks, then I won't read it. 

Number three: If you ever have a question of what I might review, then please just ask. Don't send me the book with the blurb. Ask me specifically, "Hey best book reviewer eva, do you read this genre?" Very simple. That way we both don't waste our times if I don't read your genre. Simple and straight to the point, yes? Of course the format would change into this:

Hello Larissa,

I was wondering if you read [fill in genre or multiple genre here] since my book, [your book title] is in this genre. Thanks so much for your consideration of my novel, [your book title]. 

[Your Name Here]
[Links to your blog and your book here]

Do you review independent published book?

Heck yes! As a soon to be self-published person, I would be daft, and yes I would be daft, not to accept self-published authors into reviews. So yes, I do accept independently released books. Please feel free to send them my way. And if you have a pretty book cover, all the better. :)

How to send it to me:

Subject Line: Title of book by author-Book Review

In actual email: I would like the blurb or snippet of your book along with the genre and word count. Oh, and please introduce yourself along with some links to your blog and to your book.

Attached: pdf file (preferable) or word doc of your novel.

Or you can give me the website where I can find it, like on Smashwords or even somewhere else.

Now I will respond to your email probably by the end of the week with a yes or a no. More then likely I will say yes, unless it is one of the genres I absolutely do not read. And if I am jammed, like I am right now, then I will give you the right month to expect your book review. It'll probably be three months instead of two months, for example.

Where do you send your book to:

I wish you all the best in your endeavors and thank you for considering me in your quest to market your book!

***At this time I am NOT accepting any book for review! I will DELETE ALL SENT BOOK REVIEW REQUESTS! Thanks for understanding!***