July 13, 2011

Let's Go Book Shopping!

Just the other day, I went into Books A Million. You see, after fighting tooth and nail with Hampton University, I just got fed up. At first, I didn't even feel like going. I was just like, man I spent over a hundred dollars just because . . . You know, I'm not even going to go into all that now. Anyway, let's just say, I've had it up to here with Hampton. I wanted to just go home but I decided to drop by my fav book store, Books A Million. And man, am I super glad I did. I got such great prices, I thought I would share them with y'all.

Time to go shopping!

I know! :) Can you BELIEVE this book was on discount!? As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it and smiled. I was SUPER shocked to see it still on the rack for a discount no less! :O Shocker of the century. And the price was fabulous.

Now I know there's been A LOT of buzz around this book. So there's no need to go into introductions about it and whatnot. I'll just skip to the price. Oh, but just to let you know, I'll probably review this for y'all. When I have the time, which since school is FINALLY letting out soon, it should be . . . well soon. And it's a monster falling love with a human type story. You know I couldn't resist that! :)

List Price: $9.99
Discounted Price: $3.97

*does a happy jig!* I can't WAIT to read it and be all obsessed over it too. *does a high five kick*

Basically, since forever, I've been trying to collect all of the books in this series called Students Across the Seven Seas.

Maybe you've heard of it?


Yeah, I thought not. It's not really that famous. I haven't heard a lot of buzz about this series, but it's pretty good for teens. It's very easy to read, it explores the thought of studying abroad (which I will heavily encourage my students to do) and it's just plain ol' fun. The only problem I have with this series is, you guessed it, no minorities. All of these teenagers in this collection are white or some mix of another minority with white. God forbid someone be just pure blood Spanish instead of a mix of the two cultures. Ugh.

Sorry, back to the point.

List Price for Heart and Salsa: $6.99        List Price for Westmin. Abbey: $6.99
Dicounted Price: $1.00                            Discounted Price: $2.97

Awesome deal, right? :) And the good news about Books A Million: Every time I go there, I can ALWAYS find this series on discount. So Yippee! Onto the next few!

I heard the collective gasp from the peanut gallery. Isn't this cover gorge?! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Then I saw the authors name and frowned. Hilary Duff? As in Lizzy McGuire star!!!?? I use to be a huge fan of hers back in my middle school days. *sigh* Of course, So Weird got turned off before then, I think, so that's probably why. But now I have the theme song of So Weird stuck in my head. And I know the lyrics by heart.

So Weird - so-weird photo

Yes, I was a fan until Season Three. Then I wanted to chop off people's fingers and toes for ruining such a great show. Anyway, getting past the past. I got Elixir for a GREAT price. Here's the prices:

List Price: $17.99
Discounted Price: $5.97

I know! And it's a hard back, hence the twenty dollar list price. *sighs* I just love looking at the cover. Now if it was a contest between this cover and my cover, well, I don't know who would win. :) Hopefully I'll review this too. There's been some interesting reviews of this book. Some good. Some not so good. So I'll put the record straight. And supposedly this is a series?? Well, I'll do some research and fill you guys in. This is certainly not the only book Hilary Duff has written. So to speak.

Now onto the last book of the day.

 Ooh, so pretty huh? I love just looking at this book cover too. Except mine looks prettier since mine is a hardback. I know! Another hardback! Yippee skippee! (Good Burger reference! I've been dying to make this reference at work, but it never comes up. So I'll make it here! Yeah!)

I guess you need some back story on this book huh? Well, first off, this is Katherine Howe's first book ever written. So applause for that. Um, this is a historical fiction novel and I almost didn't buy it. Why?

Well, I read this book last summer. I think. And it wasn't that great. The cover tricked me again! I hate it when that happens, but she got me. Good thing I didn't buy the book. But yeah. The beginning and middle were great, the ending . . . Not so much. Not that she didn't tie a bow on it in the end, but the emotions and the shock factor were not believable. I'll just leave it at that. And I'm not the only one who thought that. So I gave her some slack. I think I read the reviews before going in and reading the book but still, it was a really well developed book for the most part.

So I bought it. At a discount. Which is where it should be. But this author has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see where she takes it. Here are the prices:

List Price: $25.99
Discounted Price: $7.97

I know, isn't the list price insane? Talk about inflated price for a book that's not a Meg Cabot or a Cecil Castellucci. And their books were on discount too, btw. Well, not Cecil Castellucci but Meg Cabot and Michelle Jaffe's books were. But I didn't get them, since I was trying to be good. :)

Anyway, what is the lesson here today boys and girls?! Always, always, always check Books A Million no matter how tired your feet are or how crappy your day was if it is on your way home!


  1. WOW! :O you really got a great deal out of these books! I just love going to bookstores whether I'm buying a book/waiting for somebody/simply just browsing it's very enjoyable and exciting especially when you find amazing discounts as awesome as this one! XD

    And yes they tend to trick prospective buyers with book covers hahaha! another lesson learned and most of the time when you least expected it the odd looking books with eerie synopsis you wouldn't even thought of reading/buying delivers the most fantastic story ever told/written.

    I'm a new follower feel free to drop by http://kimyunalesca.blogspot.com/ you're always welcome ^_^

  2. Hey kimyunalesca! Thanks for commenting and becoming a follower on my blog.

    I know! I was half shocked that some of those books were even still on the shelves! And that people weren't elbowing me out of the way. You never know what you'll find. That's the fun thing about book stores: The discovery.

    I fall for it every time. I know recently I picked up a book called The Hollow by Jessica Verday. LOVELY cover. I just had to have it but then I read it and was like What?! This isn't what the cover said it would be like. And it wasn't. Then apparently we both had the same inspiration for our main guys, so I put it down. So all of this to say, I've been fooled many a times when it comes to covers. I just have to scratch under the surface.

    I'm a new follower of your lovely and random blog. I laughed when I read the first couple of posts. They are uber random and you did give us some warning there, so thanks for that. Anyway, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and I wish you all the best! :)