August 31, 2012

Bullying: Never Suffer Alone

 A lot of the stories I write about have bullying in it. 

Okay, maybe not a lot, but it seems to be a topic I can't seem to dance out of. I write about it constantly. I think about it alot. 

And as the school year approaches, I know that I will probably see it right in the hallways. It's practically unavoidable.

It's such a weird and awkward role for me to now be holding the power of bullies.

For so long I've been tormented by bullies and now, as a teacher, I can actually be a powerful enforcer of a zero tolerance policy.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels that bullying has forever changed their lives. I just never knew how big of an impact it can have.

For years, I've hidden the pain and suffering of being bullying. But just as suddenly, it appears in my writing. The dark past I've forever ran away from has come to the forefront. It has overloaded my senses with memories I wish I could bury for good.

And yet I know that my story (along with a certain family member's) needs to be heard by others who may be victims of bullying. They need to know that they are not alone. And that they will make it through tough times.

I just hope being a teacher will be the change the other students need.  

If you saw a student being bullied, as a teacher, what would you do?


  1. I admit I don't understand bullying. I'm glad it isn't allowed anymore. Bullies ran the school I was in.

    I was tormented for over four months by someone, and the was just one occurrence.

    Fight a good fight and don't give up.

    1. Thanks Emaginette! I completely agree. I don't understand why bullying happens. I just hope that as more and more information becomes readily available as to how to prevent bullies from being created and stop others from being victims.

      I'm so sorry that happened. Four months is too long for something like that to happen.

  2. Thanks you so much for the impressive and sensible article. I will not hesitate to refer the blog to anybody who needs and wants counseling on this subject.

    1. Thanks Samir! I really appreciate it! :)