October 15, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Indigo Butterfly


A revealing dream lures a young woman on a quest to discover the mystery of who she is. In a triumph of the Human Spirit, this book is a reminder to follow your heart. The depth, wisdom, and compassion of this book's message will stay with you long after the last page has been turned. Rewritten as narrative vignettes from the author’s journals, this inspirational book is the kind that is needed at times like this.       

The Indigo Butterfly is the true and inspiring story of a young writer’s journey of self-discovery and a yearning for her place in the world. On the eve of college graduation the author has a revealing dream that leads to an epiphany. At the same time, Desert Storm is causing a recession throughout the country, leaving few opportunities for a new writer.

Forced to make some difficult decisions, the young woman rejects conventionality in order to follow her dream of becoming a writer. But she soon discovers that the outer voyage is interwoven with her inner journey to understand herself. While she is on the road, the writer encounters fellow travelers, teachers, mystics, artists, and unique individuals who welcome her into their communities.

The Indigo Butterfly chronicles the author’s fifteen-year odyssey across North America as retold through vignettes culled from her journals during that time. From Seattle’s lush rainforest to the mysterious islands of South Carolina, no region of the country goes unexplored in the determined writer’s quest.

                                             THE DREAM...

     A young girl with hair the color of the sun wanders through a grassy meadow bursting with colorful wildflowers. Her eyes are drawn to the cragged branches of a gnarled elderberry tree. Hovering high above her is a spectacular indigo butterfly. Sunlight dances on its iridescent wings.

     The butterfly flutters towards the clearing’s edge before disappearing into the canopy overhead. The girl searches anxiously for the path, unable to find her way in the darkness. Every shadow becomes a possible threat.

      She searches for the path by the light of the moon, yearning for a sign that will lead her out of the darkness. On the verge of collapse, the girl falls to the ground. A dark shadow approaches. The girl struggles to pull herself up from the place where she has fallen.

      A voice softly whispers, “Hello.” Resting on a rock is the indigo butterfly.

     “I am lost!” the girl cries out in fear. She covers her face with trembling hands.

     “Dear child, you are never lost.” The butterfly leads the young girl to the clearing.

      The butterfly effortlessly transforms into a beautiful maiden. Her shimmering indigo gown gleams in the moonlight, and her flowing hair smells like jasmine. Clouds of tiny lavender butterflies swirl around her. With a sweep of her hand, she gestures to the surrounding woods.

     “All writers begin their lives in the darkness, cloaked where the alchemy of transformation resides. One must allow for this precious unfolding before emerging into the light. Without it, the journey is meaningless. Soon, you will be called. Do not be afraid. When you are ready they will be waiting for you. Remember all that I have told you.”

     The maiden places an enormous book with a frayed red velvet cover into the girl’s hands. A golden tassel hangs from the spine of the book. The script has been recorded in rich, dark hues matching the maiden’s gown.

     The edge of each page has been gilded from gold, and though it appears to be extremely heavy, the book is entirely weightless. Within a moment, the book fades from her hands. The maiden raises her cloak and disappears into the fading night. The girl is alone again in the woods, but this time she can see the clearing. As she departs the forest, the wind stirs gently for a moment. On the winds of the night, the maiden’s voice calls once again:

“Go forth with the soul of an artist with the wings of a butterfly…”

Readers Are Saying:
​"The Indigo Butterfly is exquisite! I'm recommending it to everyone I know."
--S. Eaton, Managing Editor

​"I couldn't put it down. This book is a testament ​to the human spirit. Lovely."
                                                                                                     --Konda R., Publicist

"Well done... this book has it all. This  story will captivate you until the last word."
                                                                                                       --Robert, Publisher

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