November 28, 2012

Sales Report: Everblossom and Angel Diaries

You know, a lot has happened between July and now. I simply cannot WAIT to share the excellent news I've been keeping to myself.

I got my FIRST paycheck! Full squeal and clapping hands!

Yeah me!!

So let's break this down into months and percent earnings and all of the other technical stuff for Strictly Everblossom.

July: 1
August: 0
September: 1 (Smashwords)
October: 1 (Amazon UK)

I know this looks pitiful for Everblossom. However, when I release Everblossom 2, I think the sales for the first one will go up. If not, it's still there ready to be taken full advantage of.

I think the main thing to remember is that: Everblossom hasn't paid any bills or gas. 

Angel Diaries: Volume One has! 

Check this out!

August: 5
September: 4
October: 1

Total: 10

Smashwords: 4
Amazon US: 2
Amazon UK, ES, IT, DE, FR: 0
Createspace: 0
B&N: 4

I already got paychecks from Barnes and Noble AND Amazon! :)

Happy dance! Together they total: 23 bucks!

That's why I think B&N been holding out on my as far as sales wise since I got paid by them in October but they didn't report any sales. I think it's the same way with Smashwords since I'm very close to getting a paycheck from them too but they haven't reported a lot of sales . . .

Anyway, main point: Angel Diaries is doing fantastic. Please remember: I didn't market this book at all! Can you imagine what's going to happen when I start marketing this book during the holidays!?

I simply cannot wait!

And now that I have some free time, thanks to some interesting switches from work, I now have time to market, blog, and conversate about my book! Yippee skippee.

You know these past couple of months have been rough, my job wise. And not just strictly from the kids. Administration has been just pure . . . Not nice syrup has been poured all over me from them. 

But looking at my books has been my saving grace. It's the one hope I hold onto when I walk into work and face some demons. That maybe, someday, with the extra time that I now have, that I can make some real money from my books.

Oh wait. What am I talking about? I HAVE made some REAL money from my books. Now all I have to do is just make those profits grow and I may be able to take a giant leap from working at a place I can barely stand and may even laugh at a little (thanks to my family and my fantastic coworkers) to working at home with all of my characters surrounding me with their lovely stories.

I seriously cannot wait! :)