January 18, 2013

Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis by Ethan Erway

Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis

Michael Belmont has always dreamed of leading a more adventurous life, but when it actually happens, he ends up getting more than he ever bargained for. Michael is sent to stay with his best friend Liam in Scotland while their parents conduct research at an ancient Egyptian necropolis. All is well until the boys get news that their parents have disappeared. Now Michael, his sister Abbey, and Liam suddenly find themselves in a race to obtain an ancient magical artifact that could be the only key to rescuing their parents- before it’s too late. Come on a journey with Michael and his companions as they unravel the mysteries of a medieval Scottish castle, get kidnapped by angry werewolves, and become entangled in a war that has been raging for thousands of years.

My Thoughts:

At first, I was really excited to read the book. I loved Indiana Jones movies and I thought this would be another type of Indiana Jones books. Unfortunately, I got the adventure but not the excitement of Indiana Jones.

What do I mean? Well, before I leap into the negatives and attack, I'll deal with the positives first (since I didn't finish reading the book).


1. The characters

Overall, the characters were enjoyable. Especially the main character. He was adventurous and had a good sense of humor.

2. The setting

I liked the fact that they're in an European castle. That never fails the cool or fascinating test.

1. Explanation Galore

This author simply puts way too much information dumps about the characters and what they mean. I mean, once or twice in a chapter, I would have forgiven it.

But when it's on every single page, it becomes an issue. And ultimately, it was a deal breaker to me.

I know that for other people, it was tolerable, but for me I just couldn't take it.