March 8, 2013

5 Things You Should Know as a Beginner Writer: A Guest Post

Please welcome to Feed My Need, the cool young adult author, Skyla Madi!

Starting Out As A Writer – 5 Things You Should Know

1. Take your time and don’t rush your writing. You’ll regret it later.

2. Expect rejections and don’t let them get to you. Rejections from publishers can be a little depressing, but they are also a critical part of the writing process—nothing motivates me more than someone that tells me NO.

3. Research publishing companies carefully. Make sure you’re getting the best deal for your book.

4. Don’t let bad reviews get to you. Before my first book was published I’d have all kinds of horrible dreams about bad reviews and I’d freak out and email my publisher (who was very supportive). At the end of the day, bad reviews don’t matter. Not everyone is going to like it and that’s okay. Once you get one or two bad reviews it gets easier to brush off.

5. If writing is something you love to do, don’t let it turn into something that stresses you out. Take breaks when you need to or do something else for a little while and come back to it later.

And if you enjoyed her guest post, make sure to check out her young adult book, Your Guardian Angel!

For Ruby Moore life is far more complicated than that of your average teen,
for she is in no way average. Ruby is a vampire and her life as a vampire is far
from traditional...

It has been one year since her normal life was brutally taken from her. Still adjusting
to the shock of the change from mortal to immortal, her world is rocked again and
she is taken under the wings of a guardian angel back to Sage Sanctum, a school
beyond reach from the vampires that are determined to destroy her.

There, she is freed from her vampire chains and her normal needs and urges return.
However, a new urge arises... Lust. A forbidden lust toward her savior, her guardian

Attempting to control these desires is difficult, very difficult and when things
couldn't possibly get any worse, her situation becomes life or death as someone,
somewhere in the school is aiding those who want her dead.

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