March 23, 2012

What is Paranormal?

You know this may seem like a philosophy lesson but I was really puzzling over this as I'm writing my stories for Everblossom 2. I know some readers were not exactly happy to see some "literary" or "normal" stories (with an abnormal twist) in this anthology expecting to see more paranormal fantasy type of stories.

But then I got to thinking: What is the true definition of paranormal?

The paranormal world has exploded in recent years thanks to many authors who include Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, and Andrea Cremer just to name a few.

But what classifies the paranormal genre?

Does each story have to have some sort of creature or fantastic capabilities?

Does each story have to have some sort of dark setting or alternative motive?

Does every guy need to be mysterious?

I mean, let's get real: Most books classified under paranormal, paranormal fantasy, or paranormal romance have those qualities. Additionally, some books, like Anne Rice's are classified as horror. 

I guess what I'm wondering in the end is: What books are classified as horror and what books are classified as paranormal?

Where is the line drawn in the sand between paranormal and paranormal fantasy?

What do YOU think?!

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