April 4, 2012

Sales Report for Everblossom!

It's the most wonderful part of the month: Sales report! I think this is an interesting report of all, watch this:

Now here are the sales for Everblossom so far:

October: 1
November: 4
December: 3
January: 3
February: 3
March: 2

Here's the breakdown:

Amazon US: 2
Amazon UK, ES, IT, FR: 0
Smashwords: 0
Barnes and Noble: 0
Print Sales (Createspace): 0

Not really surprised my sales are tanking, but this is why I will pick up my marketing strategies and hopefully, the boost of sales thanks to the release of Angel Diaries will help me out. But I know there's no guarantees, especially with sales. It's a finicky little thing! :)

Anyway, those are my results. However, I just noticed, that I I'm selling in the two digits now!

Happy day.

Total amount of sales: 16 sales!

Soon I'll be in the triple digits and getting my first paycheck. I know you guys are wondering why I haven't gotten my first paycheck yet, and that's partially because of the low price. It's only 99 cent eBook and I only get 35 percent of that, so I only get 35 cents or 40 cents (depending on the distrubutor) per book sale. So let's do the math!

16 X 0.35=5.60 bucks!

Woohoo! Half way there towards my first pay check.

I know some people may wonder: Why don't you simply raise the price!?

I don't raise the price since it's just a small collection of short stories and poetry. So I can't raise them in good faith. However, the combined collection (Everblossom 1 and Everblossom 2) will be between 1.99 to 2.99. I haven't decided yet, so I'll let you guys know when the second one will be available along with the combined edition comes out.

Should be very interesting. I think I'm like halfway there to getting Everblossom 2 out. So hold on to your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a bumpy ride. 

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