June 12, 2011

One Down, Two More to Go!

I finished editing Iwishacana/Acanawishi!
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One down, two to go! I'm halfway through editing Angel Diaries. I haven't even started on V. But it's still a good thing to be done with it and be able to put it on the market!
Whoo hoo!

*another backflip*

Now since the whole self-publishing process is fastly approaching, I'm going to give you the basic outline of my crazy plan to self-publish my novels.
Step 1:

Finish writing and editing novels.

Step 2:

Find a book cover.

Check. (If you want to take a glance at them, then go to Window Shopping for Book Covers. It's the green one. I heart it. I just hope it's still there.)

Step 3:
Write blurb.

Check. (I'm thinking about posting it to see what you guys think. Hmm.)

Step 4:

Copyright that sucker.

I haven't started on this step yet since I still have to buy the book cover. So this part is coming soon since I just got my paycheck. :D It's not as big as I thought it would be, it's better then nothing.

Step 5:

Distribute it through the following websites:


I'm thinking of adding some more, but for right now those are the five that I want to distribute my book to. Don't worry, I know about the meatgrinder. Never been through it, but I have heard horror strories about it so I've read the guide and have it on my hard drive. There are still some things I'll have to wing by but for the most part, I think I'm ready. And you guys get to see me struggle through it.
I know you guys are exicted about it.

Step 6:

Show the sales of each month.

That should be interesting. I know I'm interested in seeing that. Hopefully it'll be more then my paycheck. :) And maybe I'll get some fan mail! That would be super.

Well, that's the list. You'll see me go through each step of the self-publishing process and then I'll give y'all tips on how to make each step easier. Well, the first step of course is never easy. Writing a book is never easy. And I know I've said that over and over and over again but it's true. Writing is something you have to passionate about or you'll get bored and move on to somehting else. So I'm just putting it out there for people who think they can get a quick buck out of self publishing that it's not that simple.

Even though I tend to make it sound that simple, lol. It's not.

So I'll keep y'all posted on what's happening in my self-publishing world and I hope I can inspire others to try it instead of just knocking it because of the stigma attached to it. I know I'm not J.A. Konrath so hopefully my experience with the self-publishing industry should be genuine without any platform. The only one I have is this blog. Therefore, this should prove that you don't need a platform to become successful as a self-publisher. Just a kick ass book.


  1. I'm so very proud of your dearest. Well done for working so hard. You are truly talented.

  2. Thanks G. It's a lot to take in and do. How're you doing? How's Chocolate Aftertaste doing? Can't wait to see the new and improver version! :)