September 26, 2011


Well, as some you of you might know, I'm preparing to be a student teacher for next semester. Part of that preparing means me actually stepping foot in the classroom. Well, I did today and boy did I learn alot! 
And this time, frankly, it isn't just about teaching. It's about life. Some of you teachers out there have heard of the golden rule: Do not step foot into the teacher's lounge. Why? Because it's full of negativity.

Well, I stepped into that teacher's lounge today without knowing it. 

I thought I would just have a pleasant lunch with other English teachers (high school) and it would be a normal everyday thing. 

I was wrong.

They complained. And complained. And complained some more about students, faculty, and everybody you could name in the building. 

But then they said something funny, "But we LOVE our kids!"

Yeah, I almost busted out laughing right then too. She must have saw my face screaming, "Are you kidding me? You work in a HUGE WONDERFUL CLEAN school! With funny kids! And you're complaining about something that could be fixed?!"
Granted: They had complaints that were valid. Most of them were.

But when it came to solutions . . . . Blank stares.

When I mentioned that I had a few ideas in mind to fix these problems . . . Blank stare.

Why would you complain about something without actually taking a step forward and trying to solve it?

I understand that teachers, and future teacher here, there will be many problems we will face that are just plain difficult. But stating, "Well, the kids are just lazy. I can't fix that." Is just not good enough.

Did they ever wonder about motivational issues? Did they ever wonder why the kids don't do the summer reading or participate in class? Do they ever wonder why a particular kid is struggling to read and has to sound out every single word?

Nope. They, instead, fall asleep while they read. Seriously.

Why not takes notes of his/her reading difficulties and try to help them? Why not take the proactive approach and do something about these problems?

And this doesn't apply to just teaching. This applies to life.

I mean, we all face hardships. God knows we all do. From family issues, to work related issues, to personal problems . . . It just seems like we are made to stand back up and face these challenges head on instead of bemoaning, "Why me? Why me?!"

Just do it.

Do your job.

Live YOUR life.

Fix it. Handle it. You are an adult! 

My God, if we can't even help children learn how to read and prepare for college, which we are paid to do btw, then why even be a teacher?

If we can't handle family issues while still being classy, then why even claim your an adult when you still act like a child?

Why complain about your cell phone privileges being snatched away when you still have a computer to chat with your friends? Or if you have both snatched away, why complain when you can read a book or play video games on your hand held device?

Why complain about something you can't do anything about like budget cuts, economy, or even the weather?

It rains. It happens. We are on the planet earth where it happens to rain.

Accept it, adjust and move on!

I know I complain alot about how people can't drive! But you know what? I can't fix people's driving habits, so what do I do? 

Run them over!

:) JK! Anyway, I go around them and whistle a happy tune that I don't have to drive behind them. God, isn't that the worse?

Oh wait, no complaining from me today. I heard enough of it as it is. Moving onward!

Point is: No complaints! Just accept the unfairness of it all (rant about it), adjust to the situation, and move on!

It's just the complex and simple all at the same time. 

Have a complaint free day! :)


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    I'm glad you like my site! I'll be posting today. Hopefully you'll like this post too. :) I will try to post at least three times a week. Thanks again for stopping by!

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