September 14, 2011

Mama Instincts Whirlwind

Is it just me or are your momma instincts kicking in too?

I had this insane urge to crochet a hat, scarves, and mittens. Which is weird. Even though I love to crochet and all, I don't usually have the time or the energy to do it. Now I have that mamma urge to crochet like blankets and stuff. Weird, right? Am I the only one?

I mean, I know winter is coming and all, but it like suddenly hit me with force: I have to crochet a beret!

Yes, a beret and not an ordinary hat.

Therefore, I searched and searched youtube for like the perfect berett to make (not to mention easy) and here it is! The video that I chose. Not to mention the cute hat!

Just ignore the kinda high voice (it's kinda annoying to me, but maybe not to others) and viola! A new cute beret hat! I'm almost done with mine and I used Lion Brand Yarn Homespun with this beautiful pink and purple mixture. It's gorgeous! However, when I used this video to crochet my hat, mine didn't cover my whole head. So currently, I'm just adding a few extra rows so that I pull the hat over on my eyebrows.

I don't like my hat just touching my forehead. I like to cover it. But anyway . . . Yeah, this video was really easy, great for beginners with crochet and just a cute item to wear. I mean, look at it. It's just fashionable and cheap. My yarn only cost like five bucks (at Walmart. For some reason they have like aisles full of cheaper yarn than Michales and JoAnne's. Weird, right?). You would probably pay like twelve bucks for such a cute hat and now you can show it off when winter hits (winter hasn't hit us yet in Virginia). And you know the questions . . .

"So cute hat! Where did you get it?"

"Well, first off it's a beret," You would say in a oh-so-snotty-voice, "And secondly I made it myself."

"Shut up!"

"No, seriously, I made it myself in like an hour."

Then here's the kicker, "Wow, an hour huh? Can you make that for me too? But not in purple, but in like black?"

"Oh sure, no problem! I can make it for you for six bucks."

See? Economic opportunity and a way to show off to your friends. Win win. :)

Share your thoughts about crocheting and knitting! Have you crocheted/knitted a scarve or sweater recently? Then please share the deets with fellow craft addicts like myself.

Oh, and stay tuned! I am going to a library sale on Friday and I will share the delicious deets with you on Friday afternoon. Cheers to cheap books and lovely, easy beret hats!


  1. Wow, you're fast! It would take me much longer than an hour. Very cute though, will need to try it. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Hey Olga! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!
    Lol, that is the first time someone told me that! :) But once you get the hang of crocheting the hat and her odd instructions and vocab (instead of saying single crochet she says knot. Idk why, maybe to help beginners?) it's pretty easy. Just make sure to watch it the first time without anything in your hand, then do it along with her the second time. It's easier for me to do it that way.

    Anyway, glad you'll try it. :) I do have a cute beret now.