October 27, 2011

New-I Mean Old Review of Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology

Here's a review of my anthology Everblossom: http://hampton-networks.com/book-reviews/everblossom-by-larissa-hinton/#comment-261

I find this review detailed but yet I can't really understand it. It's interesting. I'll leave you to read it and puzzle over it like I did. It's a shame I didn't find this earlier, but I sort of tripped over it going: WHAT?

But a review is a review and there are some positives in there.

Anyway, if you haven't noticed, I have actually finished with all of the editing of this fabulous anthology!

*happy tap dance*

Thanks to my new found friend and editor, Ricki, Everblossom is back and better than ever. I took out a story and did something new and I am completely happy with it.

One down, one more to edit: Iwishacana/Acanawishi.


  1. That was an interesting review, especially since the reviewer seemed to base a lot of it on personal taste. Anyway, her line about missing commas and typos should be taken care of LOL. It was great working with you on this and thanks for mentioning me!

  2. Thanks Ricki for visiting and commenting on my blog! :) It's always nice to see someone famaliar now and then.

    I was sorta thinking along the same lines you were: I think a lot of personal taste was in her review. I don't think she liked the fact that I didn't rhyme my poetry or use a formula of poetry that's not comfortable or familiar to her.

    I also don't know what to think about her calling my book bitter. She kinda danced around the issue, so eh. I just wish she would have said what she wanted to say outright, then call it a day. I just like blunt reviewers. I know saying that now will probably bite me in the end, but I like outright reviews that I can understand. Not let's-dance-around-the-issue sort of talk.

    But at least the grammar is ten times better thanks to you. :) I even mentioned you in my novel too in my acknowledgments section. Thank you so much for making my anthology really shine! It was wonderful to work with you too. And I hope we work together on the other projects I have.