February 17, 2012

How to Deal with a Crazy Ex: A Guest Post by Sabrina Jackson

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How to Deal with a Crazy Ex 

Exes. We all have them. And if yours just happens to be fit for a strait jacket and a few steps away from spending a medicated life in a padded-cell, then you might be on the verge of going crazy yourself. So when your phone is ringing nonstop at 3:00 a.m., he’s showing up at your door begging for you to take him back, getting your name tattooed across his chest or even threatening to sabotage your new relationship, then keep yourself from joining him in the loony-bin by checking out the following ways to deal with a crazy ex:

Decide if you can be friends. 

Salvaging a friendship after a break-up can be difficult because often times feelings that are more than friendly can still remain between the former couple. But if your break-up was on good terms, you’ve taken some time to heal and you still want the guy in your life, then think about the possibility of being friends. If you both agree that you can handle a mature, healthy friendship then go for it! However, if the adjective of “crazy” fits far too perfectly in front of your ex’s name and it goes farther than just him being distraught after breaking-up, then you might want to consider changing your name and moving to a remote location in Montana. Kidding, but if he’s truly nuts, then a friendship or any kind of contact at all might not be in the cards. 

Explain to him the meaning of the word “break-up.” 

It’s called a break-up because it’s broken. So if it can’t be fixed and you are ready to move on but your crazy ex is hampering you from doing so, a face-to-face conversation to further discuss feelings might be in order. If you have zero desire to interact with your ex anymore and a casual friendship isn’t an option for you, do your best to explain that the way for both of you to recover from the break-up is to actually follow through with the break-up and give each other the space needed to heal.

Cut all communication. 

 If the attention you are receiving from your ex post-breakup is unwanted and going to extreme levels, make sure that you aren’t feeding into it by responding to his efforts. If you just recently broke up, it’s not too out of the ordinary for exes to make contact when they are feeling down and missing you (who wouldn’t miss you, right?)—but if you are receiving excessive texts, emails, Facebook messages, calls and maybe even smoke signals, ask him nicely to cut it out. If he doesn’t heed to your polite request, then consider blocking him from your phone and inboxes.

Be the bigger person. 

When your ex is being immature or pitifully trying to get back at you for ending the relationship, resisting the urge to curse his name, bash him to the world and divulge to every single one of your mutual friends his deepest, darkest secrets can be very difficult—but resist you must. No matter how the relationship can to an end or no matter just how psycho your ex may be, remember that he is still a human being and retaliating or engaging in child-like behavior can do nothing but start a full-out war that you might not be ready to fight. You may think you’re hurting him, but the truth is that you will only be hurting yourself. Don’t waste your precious time or energy stooping to his level—instead, take the high road, hold your head up with class and move on, sister!

Sabrina Jackson is guest post author who enjoys writing about dating and relationships. In addition, Sabrina also owns Best Free Dating Sites where she provides information to online singles about safely dating on the web.


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