February 29, 2012

Who Was Your Reader Superhero?

Over at Trevs Literary Review, Trev posed the question of what writer inspired you to write. And really, it made me think of other readers and bloggers, and flipping the whole idea on its head.

Hence the question: What person influenced you to read?

Who has been the singular person who has stood by you and your library cravings? Who has held your hand and helped you along the way in navigating the fascinating world of books?

I know for me it was two main people: My mother and my father. My father had this crazy idea that he should force his children to go the library every summer, pick up a book, and write a book report on it. I don't know the exact moment where my father knew I loved reading and stopped requiring me to write a book report, but I remember lugging at least five books out of the library every summer and smiling every time we had to go. I just loved going to the library and my father is the one who introduced me to it. And I'll always love him for being a supporter of my (often crazy) reading habits.

My mother was an unknown supporter of my romance reading habits. I remember when I was around 12 years old, finishing up a book, and frustrated that I didn't get any more from the library. I was a huge lover of science fiction and fantasy back then. Anyway, I was looking around for a book and a noticed this huge box of books with half naked Native Americans on them. At first, I thought they were just Native American historical novels since I seriously had a dislike for romance novels (for no good reason) so I picked it up and read it. And then a miracle happened: I fell in love with historical romance novels. Couldn't get enough of them.

So now that I shared my story, now it's time to share yours.

Who was your reader superhero?