May 25, 2012

What Makes You Happy?

I know what makes me happy (check it out here, here, and here) but as a reader, what do you look for? What makes your heart sing with delight?

So tell me my lovely followers and fellow guests: What makes you happy as a reader?


  1. Writing also makes me very happy, and having a friend like you. Just dropped by to say hi.

  2. Hey G! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Hello back!

    Glad to hear the simple pleasures in life (friends and writing) makes you happy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. my favorite music makes me really too much happy)I can listen to it all day long and my mood will be very high)

    1. I know exactly what you mean! All I have to play is my favorite summer song and I'm happy all day long! :) Man, I should have posted the video of that song now that I think about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!