July 4, 2012

Character Interview: Alice


As part of the Silent Tour, welcome the character from Silent Song by Alice!

People thought of you as the princess of school. What do you think of yourself?

Well, I obviously don’t think as myself as the kind of princess Keith mentions at first in the book. But if you take that particular word out, I’d say they got the right idea. I mean, I know the golden crowd is not exactly royalty, but it’s the next best thing, isn’t it? *Smiles a bit* Or at least that’s what I used to think. These days, I’m learning something different...

But I still believe I’m quite princess-y, if I say so myself.

What was your first impression of Keith?

Which first impression? The one when he was a scrawny kid with eyes too huge back in elementary? The one when he was a scrawny boy with a terrible fashion sense when we started high school? The one when he was a scrawny, horribly weird guy with extremely talented fingers later on...? There are a lot of different sides to Keith, and each time I’ve discovered a new one, I’ve seen an entirely different person. The latest one, though, that first impression was “beautiful”.

If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently?
I’d not let him play. I wouldn’t break his guitar, because we all know how that’d turn out, but I’d probably lock it up until he promised never to come close to my theater play.

If I knew exactly the same things, I would knock sooner on that door too.

What makes you happiest?
Keith. As in, everything related to being with him. We don’t need to be doing special stuff, just knowing that we’re together is enough. I’m also happy while drinking mocha coffee. And yes, that was a hint hint, wink wink comment, thanks for catching it *reaches out expectantly for her coffee*.

What scares you?

G... Wait, I’m not sure I should be saying that. Plus, I’m not even comfortable saying it aloud yet; it’s all too weird and crazy. So let’s just say that I’m scared to death of weird things happening, of people I love behaving unlike themselves. And I’m deeply suspicious of music I can’t recognize.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

I want to be happy. I want to be in love, always. I want to be able to do what I want in life, to achieve my goals. I want a lot of things... but everything comes down to being happy in the end. 

 Silent Song 

 The princess of the school, Alice, is keeping a secret that could strip her of her high school fame. She is obsessed with the school’s outcast, Keith, but not just him – his music.

Since the inspiration for the song hit, Keith can’t get it out of his mind. The song must be played; it demands to be played. He knows the music is changing him, but he is unable to stop it.

Music has the ability to move you, enlighten you, and take you to places you have never dreamed of. And this particular piece? It has a life of its own and makes you forget who you really are.

As Keith and Alice learn of one another to the notes of that one perfect tune, they can overlook their roles and discover who they could be together. But they also discover someone else is listening and intends on keeping Keith to herself, possibly for an eternity.

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