July 3, 2012

Sales Report::

It's the most wonderful part of the month: Sales report! I think this is an interesting report of all, watch this:

Now here are the sales for Everblossom so far:

October: 1
November: 4
December: 3
January: 3
February: 3
March: 2
April: 2
May: 1
June: 3

Here's the breakdown:

Amazon US:1
Amazon UK: 1
Amazon DE, ES, IT, FR: 0
Smashwords: 1
Barnes and Noble: 0
Print Sales (Createspace):0

Well, there you have it. Surprise bump in sales but hopefully this is only foreshadowing the beginning since (crossing fingers, toes and limbs), I'll have Angel Diaries Volume One out later on this month. I'm just waiting on the editing (which won't take that long), then soon after the formatting and I'll be set!

I think you guys will enjoy it! And don't worry, I'll let you know the official release date along with your free copy. So stay tuned ladies and gentleman! Things are going to get interesting.


  1. Do you do anything special to improve your sales. I wouldn't mind reading a post on how that is done. That's if you have the time. :-)

    1. Actually no. The only thing I can think effected my sales is all the author interview I had. Other then that, I have no idea.

      I have plenty of time to answer! :)

      Anyway, thanks for commenting.