May 11, 2011

Window Shopping for Book Cover

I have to say that I love window shopping for my book cover. Here are some of the photographs I'm considering for Angel Diaries:
Stock Photography - girl in dark blue 
dress on the sand. 
fotosearch - search 
stock photos, 
pictures, wall 
murals, images, 
and photo clipartstock photo : A mysterious forest in Tasmania
stock photo : translucent delphinium flower

Aren't they gorgeous? I just love them to death. The forest picture though will be for the second book, but the other two photos I'm trying to pick one for the first book. So yeah. Here's the one I'm thinking for Iwishacana/Acanawishi:
stock photo : Alluring blond woman model with big ring in magic green mist. Glamour and fashion style. Real lights effect: mixed light with long exposure.

This photo caught my eye immediately, but the book is for a younger audience and I think it would lead the reader to assume that the book is for an older audience. So I love the cover, but I'm worried about what people might think what the book is about.

And of course, here's V's cover, which is the easiest.
stock photo : Serious Girl Dressed in school uniform is giving Attitude
Of course I'm going to put a giant red V on her chest, and that will be that.

I know that there are still some traditionalist out there grumbling about cost and publisher being able to pick better photographs for my book covers. I use to think the exact same way. I use to think that self-publishers couldn't come up with a professional looking cover and that they automatically looked crappy because they didn't have the resources a publisher does.

There are three words I have for you: Royalty-Free Images.

Yes, I know, hold the applause. It wasn't me who found this new idea but a fellow blogger, Written in Blood, who discussed the idea of royalty-free images. I was curious so I did some research and guess what? It's affordable and professional looking photographs.

The website I went on, mostly, for these pictures has an on demand option: 5 Hi-Res photos for 50 bucks!

Wipe that shocked look off your faces! Yes, self-publishing can be affordable and done with a professional touch. But I do warn you, window shopping for covers can be addicting and fun!

Here is some more information about royalty-free images and cover art websites:

So what do you think about the photos? About the idea of royalty-free images? I would love to hear from you!



  1. Interesting article. I'm glad to read it because I hope to eventually publish. Good luck with your endeavors.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sharon! If you're wondering about self-publishing then I would visit this website:

    It addressed all of my concerns about self-publishing and about the publishing industry in general. I'm going to try it and see what happens. I'll be going through the step by step process of self-publishing and detail it on my blog.

    But if you're going to stick by traditional publishing, then I wish you all of the best luck in the world.

    Thanks again for visiting!

  3. Hey dear, thanks for posting this. I love the first pic for Angel Diaries and the one for V, is absolute perfect. She could also wear a red and black V-neck. Putting a V on her chest would also be great.
    You go girl.

  4. Hi L,

    I thought I sent you a reply to this post. I came by to check up on you, but can't seem to find it. Well, anyway, I just mentioned that I love the first pic for Angel Diaries (how far are you with it?). The pic you think would be nice for V, is also great.

  5. Hey G,

    Sorry you're running into trouble with my website. I'll check my email. Anyway, thanks for your input. I like the blue dress too but there was another photo that was perfect but I can't find the darn website.

    I'm done with Angel Diaries, I'm just editing it. I've edited it before, like tore it up to pieces and piece it back together editing like three years ago, but I'm editing it again. I don't want to send it to readers riddled with mistakes. I'm especially editing it for grammar on all three novels.

    I'm almost done with V though and I'm done with Iwishacana/Acanawishi. I'm flipping some stuff around on those two books, but for the most part I'm just editing. Then once I'mdone with that, I'll buy the book covers, write the blurbs, and publish it. Then the real fun begins, lol.

  6. I can get it to you in a week or two. It would be nice to have deadlines. I would love to read you novels too. When I send you Novel Moments, you could send me Iwishacana/Acanawishi since it was the first I read. I'll then give you an overview of what I think about it as a whole. I think it's great that you plan to self publish. You are so talented and whichever way you choose to go, you'll be super successful. I'm your biggest fan too.

  7. Thanks for your support G on everything!
    I'm half shocked and half excited that I'm going to be self-publishing my works. Never in a million years would I think that I would be doing this but after some consideration, I decided to go forth and hopefully conquer. My books aren't reaching the potential fans sitting on my computer or on my bookshelf. It's time to let them shine and touch people. Besides, after looking up the math and the logic behind it, it just seems like the right step in the right direction.

    Anyway, I can't wait to read your novel! It's going to be fantastic. I just know it. Especialy after reading the first few drafts and having an editor go through it. Iwishacana/Acanawishi needs to go through a little bit of editing before I hand it off. I'm changing the key element in the story to something else and adding a twist sort of ending. So it'll probably be done in two weeks, but I would love a fresh pair of eyes on it.

    Glad to have at least one fan. :)

  8. Love the pictures! You're right - window shopping is very addictive!

    Great blog. New follower :)

  9. Larissa,

    Loved this post! Great info and great picture choices for your books.

    I'm following you now!

  10. Hello and welcome to my blog new followers!

    @Lisa-Thanks! I love the pictures too. I feel like I'm being very picky on some of them, but if I'm going to self-publish then I want the pictures to be just as perfect as the story. :)
    I'm telling you I could window shop for books or book covers all day long!

    @Carol-I'm glad I could inform and entertain you at the same time! I was hoping to put naysayers in line and let anybody know the options that are available to them. Not saying that self-publishing is for everyone, but it's an option that is readily available to all.

    Thanks again for visiting and I hope you come again. :)