November 22, 2011

Let's Talk about Money: Sales Report for Everblossom

Now I don't have any reviews, so you can put your dancing shoes away. Seriously, put them away. I know they are sparkly and fun, but it's time to get down to business.

Let's talk about the cost and the sales of my book so far.

Long time ago in a galaxy for far away, I promised all of you that I would report my sales. Well, I actually have some sales to report.

I know how exciting is that!

Now, I'll present the cost of producing my book the first time and hopefully from now on, I won't have to. Hopefully by this time next year, I'll make all of my money back. :)

Here's the breakdown. 

The Cost of Producing Everblossom

Copyright: $35
Book Cover: $10
Editing: $20

Total Cost: $65

Now I might consider paying for formatting (which will cost $20, maybe less since it's so small) but I'm going to try Smashwords formatting maybe twice more, then I'll forever give up. 

Seriously. I feel like pulling my hair out about that, so I might have to hire someone else to do the dirty work for me. 

Anyway, drifting away from the main subject here. Here's the official sales for October.  

Smashwords: 0

I did make one sale of Iwishacana/Acanawishi there, but no Everblossom sales as of yet. Hopefully, once I get into the premium catalogue then that will change. Maybe. :)

Amazon US: 1
Sale: $0.99
Revenue: $0.35

I know! My first sale for Everblossom on Amazon! Yippee skippee!

Amazon UK, DE, FR: 0

Yeah, I know so disappointing but hopefully the market will start picking up. I guess we'll see.

B&N: 0 

I don't think there's anything to say about this one. It's been up since August, but of course I updated it when I edited Everblossom so yep.

Total Revenue for October for Everblossom: $0.35

I know, humble beginnings, but I think this might inspire you some more when you see this month's so far (November 1st-November 19). Watch.

Smashwords: 0

Well, nothing has changed on that front. I got more reviews, but no official sales. Yet.

Amazon US: 2
Sale: $0.99
Total Revenue: $0.70

Yippee skippee! Doubled in a month's time! :) I know what I'll be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Amazon UK, DE, FR: 0

Still no sales here, but I'm still hopeful about it picking up over there. :) And yes, I'm not saying what card I'm holding up my sleeve. 

B&N: 1
Sale: $0.99
Revenue: $0.40

I know! My first sale at pubit!!! I can feel a happy dance coming on but I'll save your eyes and my hips. 

Total Revenue for November so far (November 1st-November 19) for Everblossom: $1.10

So what does this all mean? That soon I will need to set up charts! :D

On a serious note, this means that it is possible to bounce back after making a mistake (like not hiring an editor). I just hope others who are looking into self-publishing can be inspired with my story. Or at least view self publishing as more of an option and not as unequal to traditional publishing.

Am I making mortgage type of money? No, but I hope one day I will. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about bookstores taking down my anthology if it doesn't fly off the virtual shelves. Instead, it can be up online forever and enjoyed by thousands. Well, maybe hundreds. The sky is the limit!

That and how fast I can spit out the next few novels, novellas, and anthologies! :D

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