December 30, 2011

Feature and Follow (3)

It's that time of the week again: Feature and Follow Friday! 

And here's the Feature of the Week:

Along with the question!

The New Year is here -- and everyone wants to know your New Years Blogging Resolution! What are you going to try to revise, revamp and redo for 2012 on your blog?

Funny enough, I addressed this is a bit with my writing goals

But I'm willing to address it some more here:

1. More Book Reviews

I want to share more with my followers great books that I find, but lately, I haven't found a lot of outstanding, blow me away books. Sure, I will admit I met quite a few who came close but none that made me sit down and go woah.

So I'm going to read more books and try to find some more brain blowers like Watchmen. :)

2. Feature authors and their books more

I would love to have more indie authors on my blog to feature their books and their journey to self-publishing. That would be epically awesome. I might have to set it up one day, but I def want more authors on my blog sharing their story.

3.  Post about more writer tips and random hot topics.

Sometimes, I really think most of my followers are readers, so they obviously don't want to hear about how to write better. Therefore, I tend to inject writer tips once in a blue moon. But I really want to help fellow authors find this blog and use my tips to their advantage. 

Henceforth, and yes henceforth, I would like to add more posts about writing stuff and maybe have some posts that will stimulate conversation and debate.

I love a great post that will not only challenge my readers about how the world is, but how they think about it. So I would love to have more post like that, but it takes a lot to get me riled up and to write it. But I'll try.

Those are the three things I want to improve my blog, what about yours?
And if you don't have a blog, then what are the three things you would like to improve about your life in general?


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  2. Great answers! I'm also planning to have some authors stop by my blog next year. :)

    Good luck!

    Pam | jellylovesbooks

  3. Oh, good, writing more is always a good plan. :)
    Old follower.
    Here's our #FF post

    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  4. Just hopping by, have a good New Year!

  5. Great aims good luck with achieving them.

    New follower

  6. I did my first author interviews this year and it was fun! Following you back!

  7. Great answers! I definitely want to feature more authors and their books as well! Happy new years!

  8. Happy New Years to you all! You have some great ideas too. Might have to add them to my wishlist to, lol.