December 2, 2011

Let's Talk about Money: Sales Report for November

Another month, another sales report!


Unfortunately, I don't have much to report since the last one (here). 

But I'll post it again, for people who missed it:

October: 1
November: 4

If you want the break down, then you check it out on the other post along with more information about the total cost of editing and cover image stuff.

If it seems like I'm a little sad, it's because I am. I was really hopping for more of a boost after I advertised on Cyber Monday, but I guess not. But I am happy that people are loving and enjoying my book.

You know how everything in your life seems absolutely perfect but you still want that one thing you can never have? I'm feeling that way right now.

Ah, the life of a perfectionist. My work is never done.

Anyway, ignore me and my gloom and doom mode. Enjoy your Friday while I write all day this weekend completing finals and other college work.

And hopefully completing some books. 


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