December 12, 2011

New Reviews and Print Lovers for Everblossom!

Good news for print lovers: I just ordered my print proof for Everblossom, so hopefully this means that the print version should be up and coming very, very soon!

I'm super excited!

And in other wonderful news: I got a five star review on Smashwords. Here it is, word by blissful word:

I am glad that I read Everblossum: The Short story and Anthology by Larissa Hinton! The reviewers below did an awesome job explaining the book! I haven't read poetry before and this book stretched my reading pleasure and opened the door for me to go outside of my little box of the typical books that I usually read! I hope that you take the time to check this author's book out and I will be adding her to my future reads list!

I think my job here is done! :D

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